About the Games

The Canadian Mining Games is a strong part of Canadian mining history. Each year, the mining games provides an opportunity for students from across Canada to meet and test not only their mining knowledge, but also their learning and adaptive capabilities. This annual friendly event also allows mining students to network with industry representatives and potential colleagues through banquets and career fairs. The event also provides a unique opportunity for future employee recruitment as sponsors can interact directly with students during competitions and evaluate students’ response to new and challenging situations.

Previous Games:
2017 University of Toronto
2016 University of British Columbia
2015 University of Saskatchewan
2014 L'Université Laval
2013 McGill University and École Polytechnique
2012 Laurentian University
2011 University of Alberta
2010 Dalhousie University
2009 University of Toronto
2008 University of British Columbia
2007 McGill University and École Polytechnique
2006 Queen’s University
2005 Laurentian University
2004 University of Alberta
2003 Université Laval
2002 University of British Columbia
2001 Dalhousie University
2000 University of Toronto
1999 Laurentian University
1998 McGill University and École Polytechnique
1997 University of Alberta
1996 Queen’s University
1995 McGill University and École Polytechnique
1994 Laurentian University
1993 Université Laval
1992 Queen’s University
1991 McGill University and École Polytechnique