Sports Betting in North Dakota: An Analysis of the Top North Dakota Betting Sites for 2023

Despite its relatively small population, North Dakota is home to numerous tribal-operated casinos and numerous other wagering establishments dispersed throughout the state. North Dakotans take pleasure in charitable poker tournaments and legal horse racing. Although Daily Fantasy is accessible, other forms of online wagering, such as sports betting, online gambling, and casino games, remain inaccessible due to a 2016 court conflict. However, with the 2018 Supreme Court decision on PASPA, North Dakota may soon follow in the footsteps of numerous other states that seek to legalize online sports wagering. The general regulations governing the niche are elaborated upon in our article concerning wagering in North Dakota.

Legal Gambling in North Dakota

In the distant past, North Dakota outlawed all forms of chance gaming. Nevertheless, that prohibition was ultimately lifted in 1976, and while charity gambling was permitted to begin in the state, a number of Native American nations were granted authorization to establish casinos. Despite the significant growth of the casino industry, efforts to establish online wagering platforms have encountered strong opposition. Significantly, in 2005, a senate bill aimed at legalizing online gambling was soundly defeated by an excessive majority. Subsequently, lawmakers had refrained from addressing the subject of online wagering, including that of sports betting in North Dakota. The near future, however, may see the passage of a resolution in the House that would legalize sports wagering.

Sporting Favorites in North Dakota
The distinctive topography of North Dakota provides an abundance of opportunities for outdoor activities. Winter activities are especially prosperous. However, state inhabitants also take pleasure in participating in and cheering for sports such as ice hockey, basketball, and indoor football. In addition to having two Division I NCAA teams, they formerly hosted the NBA Development League’s Dakota Wizards, who are now situated in Santa Cruz.

The Regional Origins of Sports Betting
North Dakota has exhibited a slower-than-average adoption rate towards gambling. However, the state is demonstrating progress in this regard by hosting a state lottery and state-sanctioned charity gambling events, in addition to six prominent casinos. At this time, sports wagering is not permitted in North Dakota; however, at least one measure is undergoing legislative review, which could indicate that legalization of online sports betting is imminent.

Age Limit for Legal Online Sports Betting in North Dakota
Although sports wagering has not yet been granted legal status in North Dakota, it is probable that the state’s age requirement for participation will mirror that of alcohol consumption, which is currently 21 years old. We will have definitive knowledge regarding the passage of newly introduced or existing legislation by the state government.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal Outside of the State?

If you are familiar with the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), you are likely aware that it imposed restrictions and regulations on sports wagering in virtually every state in the United States. This factor contributes to the relatively slow pace at which North Dakota introduces novel wagering opportunities for its inhabitants. An additional factor could be the level of competition that specific gambling activities, such as poker, encountered.

The positive news is that PASPA was revoked by the Supreme Court in 2018. Presently, each state possesses the authority to legislate online sports wagering. Legislation pertaining to wagering has been revised in a number of states subsequent to the repeal of PASPA. An illustration of this is the state of New Jersey. In 2018, legalized sports wagering in New Jersey. Although numerous other states have embraced online wagering, it is still not available in North Dakota.

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